Why Caretime

Omnichannel services

Find the most effective tools and metrics that suit your company’s needs.

5+ years of experience

We’re industry vets with an array of experienced individuals from all around the world.

16 languages spoken

Our international team is fluent in 16 spoken languages, including almost all the major languages spoken around the world.

Free management

Design & run your entire customer support solutions in one place without paying any additional management cost when outsourcing.

Free onboarding

Ready-made onboarding checklists, templates, and workflows help customers get started with the product & service to deliver a personalized onboarding experience.

Scalable 24/7

Scale one-to-many programs effortlessly without adding headcount. Never miss a customer stalled in onboarding or an unengaged stakeholder again.


Our services

Voice support

Our team is versed in a variety of languages, and prepared to pick up the phone to any and all customers and clients.

Email support

Utilising one centralised email inbox, our team tackles email inbound just as swiftly and professionally as they would phone calls.


Advanced ticketing ensures users are responded to in the order they reach out, ensuring full transparency on waiting times, and a fair service for all.

Chatbots & Live chat

AI bots and live chat ensure that your official support runs around the clock, 7 days a week, and at no extra charge whatsoever.


For more technical or difficult to solve issues, our team can browse a user’s screen alongside them to work through issues together.

Social media

Beyond standard channels such as email and phone, we ensure every base is covered via community management on your social channels.

How to get started

1. Planning

Creation of a meticulous analysis of your clientele needs

2. Documentation

Generation of a robust knowledge base, FAQ, call scripts, etc.

3. Team

Formulation of a team of experienced and devoted agents best suited for you.

4. Go live

The support strategy is launched, and we're firing on all cylinders.


Our global reach